Common causes for hair loss for both men and women:

HEREDITY: more family members have genetic hair loss, the higher percentage there is for an individual to also suffer the condition;
HORMONES: too much androgens (male hormones), low functioning thyroid, endocrine gland malfunction, irregular menstruation, some contraceptive pills, child birth, menopause;
HEALTH: many illnesses particularly associated with a high temperature or an operation (surgery) that has needed general anesthetic, some autoimmune diseases such as lupus;
HEALING (medication): radiation or chemotherapy, anticoagulants, lithium based medications, large doses of vitamin A, agents that block cholesterol synthesis;
HASSLE (stress): very common trigger; skin becomes more sensitive to the effects of androgens, severe stress can also influence diffuse shedding of hair (telogen effluvium), alopecia areata or "patchy" hair loss has also been connected to stress episodes as has trichotillomania (hair pulling);
HUNGER (diet): undernourishment slows the growth rate of hair; deficiencies in iron (anemia), vitamin B12, folic acid, and triglyceride levels can lead to increased hair shedding; severe weight loss or inadequate intake of proteins and minerals;
HAIRSTYLING: chemically over processed hair, vigorous brushing or using too hot hairstyling tools;

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